Cleaning Accessories

Cleaning Accessories

Every cleaning accessory in the Gunslick® Pro line delivers the ultimate performance, without all the work. Select a product below to see that Gunslick hasn't sacrificed the ability to perform when simplifying the process.

Ultrasonic Cleaner >>

Cleaning Brushes

Save time and get shooting faster with the new Gunslick® Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner.

Cleaning Mops >>

Cleaning Mops

Gunslick extra-absorbent mops help make gun care a breeze. These wool mops quickly and easily remove excess solvent or lubricant.

Cleaning Tips >>

Cleaning Tips

Quickly clean your firearm, without worrying about bore damage with Cleaning Tips from Gunslick. These tips are precision-engineered to assure a tight patch fit, and eliminate bore damage.

Cleaning Rods >>

Cleaning Rods

Gunslick offers a full spectrum of top-quality cleaning rods that feature soft-grips, ergonomic handles, and double-ball bearings. You can find nylon coated steel rods that won't damage or scratch the barrel, as well as stainless steel rods that boast superior strength.

Cleaning Patches >>

Cleaning Patches

Gunslick Cotton Patches effectively remove copper, lead and plastic. They also boast greater absorbency to aid in the transfer of solvents from bottle to barrel. These patches won't scratch metal surfaces.

Accessories >>

Cleaning Rods

For the ultimate clean, attach these quick, safe, gentle and accurate accessories to your precision cleaning system.

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